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Let us do the leg work for you.  If you are looking for a new challenge in a new role, get in touch and let us help you realise your full potential.

Contingency Recruitment

We have established strong working relationships with clients in many industry sectors who approach us when they have sales opportunities available. On this basis we firstly refer to our previously interviewed candidates to check suitability, then organise to advertise and proactively approach candidates who have made their details available on the main job boards on the internet. We aim to manage the first stage interviews and when suitability has been established, we submit your details to the client / employer for consideration and to begin the in house interview process.

Career and Salary Advice

We are glad to offer salary and career advice as required.

Please contact us on 01332 880306 and we will be glad to assist to the best of our knowledge, given industry variances and economic climate.

Targeted Marketing

We are great believers in the value of representing the candidate. We work closely with each candidate to identify their ideal role and actively approach suitable employers to promote the value of you as part of their team.

This form of marketing is representing who you are and what you are looking for, rather than fitting you in-to a live job spec thus generating a role which is a close fit to your ideal criteria.


We entrust to you that we take confidentiality seriously and promote candidates in a confidential manner. We only release the CV when authorisation is gained from the candidate.

Interview Techniques

An interview is an opportunity for you to present and sell yourself to a prospective employer. This is usually a two stage process; the first meeting giving the overview as to the job and person fit, the second being more in depth, running through the role and your attributes in more detail.

You are there to promote who you are, to present what you can bring to the role and to convince the interviewer that you are the right person for them. Likewise, it is the interviewers role to sell the company and the role to you.

Ensure you arrive in plenty of time and present yourself in a corporate and professional manner. Listen carefully and answer concisely, and if required, ask for the chance to elaborate.

Listen to your interviewer; let them sell the company and opportunity to you. Sell yourself, promoting the positives as to why you think you are right for the role, again, keep it factual and concise. Have in mind your key achievements and use them to demonstrate your successes.
Don’t be fazed, present as if it were a major deal and have confidence in you !

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